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Phage Phun!


Last Wed of month at 9AM or 3PM Pacific (or Thurs if you're in Australia!). Next: Wed, Jan 26 at 6PM Eastern.

Informal, self-serve Zoom breakout rooms, where you can hop between topic-based rooms and meet new phage phriends! Rooms like ‘Catching up with phriends’, ‘Phage Therapy’, ‘Troubleshooting: bring a problem, get a solution’, ‘Phage in the Phield’ and more.

These are not recorded; rather, the rooms are open and you are welcome to join and bring your coffee (or beer or other beverage!) and chat with others there.

We'll be hosting these monthly, at alternating times (9AM Pacific, then 3PM Pacific, repeating) on the last Wednesday of each month!

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Details for individual events will be sent out right before the event starts.