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The potential of phage therapy in aquaculture


Sept 22, 2020 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (GMT-4) / 5:00 PM Zurich (GMT+2)

Thank you all for attending! Here is the Capsid & Tail September PHAVES Recap

Bacterial diseases outbreaks in aquaculture, particularly during larval stages, often lead to massive mortalities of farmed fish. We have been focused on the potential administration of lytic phages, either as ¨smart¨ disinfectants of live feeds or as treatment for fish larvae in the hatchery. The genera of Flavobacterium and Vibrio have been the primary focus of our research because of their high significance on Baltic and Mediterranean aquaculture.

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Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen, and co-founder of Aquatic Biologicals

Panos Kalatzis is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen, in the Middelboe Lab. Panos' research to date focuses on the potential administration of lytic bacteriophages against marine aquaculture diseases as well as the role of temperate phages in bacterial virulence, communication and fitness. Panos is also the co-founder of Aquatic Biologicals, the first marine biotechnology company in Greece, committed to preventing fish diseases in aquaculture.